Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weird Numbness In Face Tingling And Slight Numbness In Face?

Tingling and slight numbness in face? - weird numbness in face

I have mild tingling and numbness of the face around the nose and mouth ... not burn or chemicals are exposed to it ... and were not in the cold ... What could be causing this? Stress, perhaps? Presuure blood? This is not really bad enough to carry me to (the doctor yet), but still a little weird for me ... Anyone have any ideas?


Terry A said...

Tingling and numbness of the face around the nose and mouth, as if his hyperventilating. This means that you are breathing very rapidly and with an excess of oxygen. This is the tingling. This can cause the hands and they grow. When this happens, and what happens now? Typically occurs with anxiety, panic attacks and elevated emotions.

nat said...

I had the same thing happened to me years ago that lead to other things to panic attacks!

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