Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top Muscle Building Supplements Is Building Muscle On Top Of Fat Okay?

Is building muscle on top of fat okay? - top muscle building supplements

I've heard that you should lose weight before the muscle, because when the muscle is being built in front of the lost fat, losing fat is difficult. Is that correct?


Raider Ken said...

There is a reason, if you want to lose weight than diet and exercise. If the food they consume fewer calories. When you exercise, you burn more calories. Also to increase muscle mass during training, even at rest in muscle mass burns calories. When the body enough calories to provide food into energy for the day. Your body burns fat.

You do not build muscle on top of body fat. When you build muscle and burn fat eat well and feel better. This is a simplified explanation of a complex process, but it is through the basics.

smiley said...

The muscles are low in fat. The more muscle you have metabolic rate is increased to lose fat more easily. If you lose weight, you will see how much muscle they build down.

a L a Y N a said...

No. Muslce burn fat. But you still need cardio.

nothingb... said...

Never heard of him. It is easier to turn fat into muscle. Muscle requires more calories than fat, increasing matabolism

Charlie said...

The fat is above the muscle. It would be impossible to build muscle at the top.

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