Monday, January 4, 2010

Virginia Premier Medicaid Which Conference Is The Toughest?

Which Conference is the Toughest? - virginia premier medicaid

What is the most difficult scientific conferences? I think the ACC has the highest academic level in college football, it is difficult for many of these schools to recruit the best players. If you believe that the schools of Boston College, Duke, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and UNC, all fairly heavily on a high academic standards. The second is more difficult for the PAC-10, in my opinion, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA and Washington, the first CCF. I do not know much about the academic level of the USC know, but it remains an institution of world class research in the world.


Robert C said...

Who gives a damn about academics. Then ball is all that counts.

blibityb... said...

Why in the football section? Http: / / colleges.usnews.rankingsandreview ... This is the best thing I can do to help.

Prospero Reincarnate said...

The Ivy League. lol. It is true, though. Beetle, the Pac-10 has some great academic school as well. (One of the main conference), Stanford, Cal, UCLA. Elementary schools.

Peter Pork In Your Ear said...

ACC? Of course, the hardest school. Indeed, very few graduates.

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