Thursday, January 14, 2010

Silicone Giant Cupcake-big Top Cupcake -wilton Will My 'giant Cupcake' Silicone Mold Burn If I Put It In The Oven?

Will my 'giant cupcake' silicone mold burn if i put it in the oven? - silicone giant cupcake-big top cupcake -wilton

I bought this form silicon giant cupcake knowledge and think that when it comes to a pie plate that is used to burn in the oven.
OK, now I have my family, so sure, burn-out and IM afraid to keep them in the oven: (

Silicone is baked in the oven?


WoWFiend said...

N does not melt and burn or deform in any way the range of temperature. The silicone rubber has a resistance to high temperatures of 250-300 degrees Celsius and the stick properties as well! 250 ° C is much lower than cupcake happy times:)

They are your big muffins, is the only thing that cooking times are slightly different, depending on what you do when it's the first time that the modification of the strict supervision of silicone on your goodies!

GL and best wishes

nancy a said...

Do not burn No, oh, and do not try baking without a baking sheet underneath. So, do not try to move the sheet cake. put the silicon in the paper, pour mixture and cook. Silicon is not stiff enough to handle easily in the dough with it. Good luck

soupisgo... said...

Certainly in the hot oven. Otherwise, what's the point?

A giant cupcake sounds awesome. Where can I get one of these forms?

Wendy S said...

No, not baked in the oven for this purpose. I use it all the time.

Dan T R said...

The silicon is not affected by heat up to around 600F most ovens 500F outdoors

The Mrs. said...

Do not worry .. can be used in the oven. . I have tons of them =)

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