Saturday, January 23, 2010

Convert Diesel To Vegetable Oil What Would Be The Best Diesel Car To Purchase To Convert To Run On Vegetable Oil?

What would be the best diesel car to purchase to convert to run on vegetable oil? - convert diesel to vegetable oil

Looking at a diesel-powered cars that are converted, you can buy to run on vegetable oil. Thank you.


Kenny said...

The 300SDL/300SD Mercedes was ideal, but because the men over men, the SVO want to get the price inappropriate for them. And I do not want to drive a boat, either over 25 years.

For me would be a VW Passat Estate TDI better, but I'm having problems with the costs of changing the timing belt. With changes in the cost of the timing belt is usually about $ 600, the 1.9 TDI for $ 1200 $ 600, which the savings could be wiped out in the management of SVO.

jacob said...

Find the beginning of the 90s classic cars are your best bet is also necessary to a kit, so bring your car to run on Veggie Oil. have the products you need. Yes, you can leave the car without having to install the kit, but once the temperature. not give her car will not start and you have many questions. I always recommend this kit.

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