Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flannel Boxer Shorts Jammie's : Nighties , Boxers , Flannel Nightgowns, Lingerie Or Maybe Just Your Shorts ?

Jammie's : nighties , boxers , flannel nightgowns, lingerie or maybe just your shorts ? - flannel boxer shorts

What do you wear comfy bed?
Practice and warm or another? lol
Happy Dreams D:)


Pray always from heart. Copper said...

HELLO Dizz ya! :-)

I am / and always will be a boxer man! lol-and I feel smaller. I could spend more cold than extreme heat

If necessary, I throw myself to a blanket or self-employed people or the ceiling fan lol

Great day for you :-) Dizz

Hugs from Sugar bug said...

I love big shirt or T-shirts to my knee is so hot during most of the year is what I want to sleep in.
I'm wearing a flannel PJ in winter, but it's like a big shirt button that goes to his knees like a nightshirt. =) I love the things of my legs when I sleep, I know, weird huh. lol.
Love and hugs errors sugar

Iggy's Cabbage Patch Gang said...

I sleepp tips of my hubby and sleeps in the back of his jamies ..

If really cold, sleep in my pajamas .. but .. be first very cold

The shirt is so beautiful and spacious and comfortable .... Can not beat it

"Johns" said...

dizz during the summer, I sleep stay on the ball. In the cold months of winter, a pair of underpants. You?

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