Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Radiation Cystitus Have Radiation Cystitus Helpful Suggestions Needed For Pain Relief?

Have radiation cystitus Helpful suggestions needed for pain relief? - radiation cystitus

Coloretcal had cancer in 2004, with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, both of
Everything was fine for the first or second year after the problems with the side effects of radiation on the bladder and urethra. Now, to help the pain, several prescription drugs that do not find work for the hope for an answer no prescription tryed
Very grateful for any help


Tarkarri said...

First - Ouch!


Have you tried the hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Should help ....

My other suggestion would be to treat only drink cranberry juice as a preventive measure that helps prevent cystitis normal, but there are probably already tried.

Good luck!

Frank said...

Try Manuka honey or Honey Mark Pain Relief Cream Manuka honey. ...

Mary S said...

I'm not stupid.
If it is legal in your country, ask your doctor to legally prescribe marijuana.
Many people use it to help the pain of radiation.

Good luck to you!

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