Thursday, January 21, 2010

Allergies In Children For Parents With Children With PEANUT Allergies: Have You Heard About This New Treatment?

For Parents with Children with PEANUT allergies: Have you heard about this new treatment? - allergies in children

Apparently, they give children peanut Itsy Bitsy quantities over time, and finally, children lose the allergy. I read somewhere that the tests run on him and after one or two years, children lose the allergy.

Anyone who heard or tried this treatment?


Bridget B said...

Yes, and my allergist in Houston, is a friend of the most important person in her.
This is a time for this to be the first. They tried a few years ago and lost a child or had a near fatal reaction to a "treatment". So they stopped for a moment. Now, it is extremely controlled.

My son has a life threatening peanut allergy and I'm not personally a part until it is safe for now proven.

If someone you know suffers from an allergy to peanuts, please visit my website. I have an animated short film and a list of peanut candy safety (so few!).

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