Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waxing Styles Pics Naturally Curly That Needs A New Style?

Naturally curly that needs a new style? - waxing styles pics

I have naturally curly, thick hair, over my shoulders and I just died blonde on top and brown on the lower level. Now I want a new hairstyle, but can not find something (not easy to create sheets, rolls, wax gel / etc)?

Is it good looking for pictures of long curly styles that would be great for two-toned hair?


banana said...

If you have access to the June 2009 seventeen and looked through it. The question is especially perms. If not, go here:
http://www.seventeen.com/archives/fashio ...

He has tons of tips for curly hair. To use products that cuts that look good, hairstyles. And the best part is that his true daughter of the products used, so we know what works and not just some publicity.

We hope that we can help! :)

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