Monday, February 8, 2010

Ideas For Putting A Floor In A Boat I Love To Bass Fish And I Need To Put Flooring From Front To Back Of My 14 Ft Jon Boat, Any Ideas? Thanks Alot

I love to bass fish and i need to put flooring from front to back of my 14 ft jon boat, any ideas? thanks alot - ideas for putting a floor in a boat

2008 14 ft Jon Boat Triton -> Rivit and no soldiers.


dumdum said...

I have wood in the bottom of my aluminum cans for years and was not great. 3 / 8 will be OK "It's so easy to do and replace, I would only be detrimental to the galvanized external screw placed inside boat.It long on the boat much more useful to the country, including the same. You can also quality coverage of 3 / 4 inch plywood, buy a half sheet of Lowe's, it would be ideal to set the bow and draw the contours of the ground and from drill 2 holes on both sides of the Executive and the top of the railing of the boat on the site, and the nuts and bolts to hold it - looks like a spell, before you boat, Put to hold a wooden base to the mounting bracket and mounting a drive motor on it and you catch fish with a platform of $ 30,000 . Good luck and good catch!

jtexas said...

JONBOAT for an apartment? Save is weight, 3 / 8 more than sufficient given the short end of the thickness between the supports.

Layers of marine grade is extremely expensive - IB / C EXT (for outdoor use), layers, saturated with poly-resin with a layer of fiberglass fabric on the top. adds strength at low weight and a good anti-slip surface.

outer layer is made with waterproof glue. Marine quality is similar, but to ensure that no internal voids also - in a little water resistant exotic woods like teak or Okoume. the hollow interior is enough moisture to start the process of decay, but it took a good 25 years.

When all the clips, stamp em with a good adhesive seal marine use 3M 5200th

zebj25 said...

You can put 3 / 4 inch marine plywood, but it will add much additional weight. Hold, the better it is. It would probably end up as too unstable, as are the additional weight.

45 auto said...

Have the same use on ships Star, because it is lighter than plywood> and white and will never decompose> My goal on the inside, which helped paint reflections>

andymons... said...

Do not allow liquids to do, and do not let your boat sink

jdawg said...

Marine Grade 3 / 4 "plywood cons

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