Friday, February 5, 2010

Bbs Max Whats The Max Distance In Yards, For An Airsoft Electric Rifle?

Whats the max distance in Yards, for an airsoft electric rifle? - bbs max

I saw a 275 fps and wieght, 12 gram 6mm BB ... How far to go and some BBS nel is still necessary? Please, it is now .. Thanks


Philosor... said...

Most half the price of AEG) have a range of 100-150 meters (accuracy, but most of that on the quality of hops and depends diameter barrel quality. Thus, the actions of a JG M14 will not close, incredibly well for a number of values M14 MC, MC, because the hop-up unit. And the more the weight of BB, it is exactly, but by sacrificing range and speed.

Evan said...

Most mid-level AEG is just about 100 yards outside the box out to shoot. BBS is also an important factor, the gun shoots 275 with .12, and that is very low. To improve accuracy, we recommend using heavier BB, reduction of power. But the use of firearms, Low-Power is also secretary rank.

Ryan said...

It can take about 400 feet with real precision, almost exactly 600 feet.

I saw my friend the pistol in action.

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