Friday, February 19, 2010

Man Naturist Video Ladies Only Naturist Club In Wiltshire England - Good Idea Or Not?

Ladies only naturist club in Wiltshire England - Good idea or not? - man naturist video

Is there a demand for a nudist camp, where women can members, members may sign his wife Partener as a guest.

This will lead to a more balanced naturist environment in which there should be an equal number of men and women.

About site is a better idea of what we get.

So ... good idea or not?


crazeygr... said...

Wiltshire, because of its history of inbreeding is the largest population of the leaders of evil in the world. His club was with voyeurs improvised parascenders balloons and microlights flooded.

If you are on a positive note Trowbridge just "make nude" too.

eaglekiw... said...

Yeah Right
And the right of management will be a boy?
Too Funny
Tell me your online application, it says .... married, single, divorced, state, etc. ... and could not write that, "Just Looking"
Oh, and there will be some club of "men only "...( Partnersh with, of course) ...
Do all PCs ...
Well, I have to give the classic ... Version of (questionable) whose procurement Ya Think

bil-GP-2... said...

good idea, you can call me, love to come back

speedy said...

Yes, it's a good idea

Naturist Jo said...

Bad idea. I do not like discrimination. Some men are just fun and good workers in the work of bees.

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