Monday, February 1, 2010

Dark Mucus Period If You Have A Lotion Like White Cervical Mucus A Week After Your Period Was Due, What Can This Mean?

If you have a lotion like white cervical mucus a week after your period was due, what can this mean? - dark mucus period

I think I have a deadline until 7 Place in July and had a lot of mucus white with yellow mucus (June 30) and pink mottled (July 2 / 3). I ovulate 22nd June After the small hemorrhages that only 9 to 11 only when dry, now that I have to clean a small white lotion like cervical mucus, and saw something in me.
My neck is very high and soft, it has more than two weeks since. I took a pregnancy test are negative. Ive done the blood test, I'm hoping to see the results tomorrow.

What would be the white lotion like CM? I've also noticed that my areolas are darker than normal. My breasts were tender about five days, but havnt been too soft, but my nipples are sensitive.

Has anyone an idea what might that be?


froggy said...

It appears that you are pregnant,

GL to you

lisa1980... said...

It seems that you are pregnant .... just wait until the blood test ... =)
to the mucus ... I do not understand the point, to tell you why ... But then I had been) pregnant (4 / 5 weeks of pregnancy the same material, as happens to you. Good luck with whatever you want the result =)

jessie04... said...


lesah said...

Hmm, you sure is not pregnant .. I remember when I was pregnant, in a million years ago, my breasts have changed .. .. Went and my areolas was also very dark in an OB / GYN?

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