Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Good Are Roketa Dune Buggies Engine Will Not Start?

Engine will not start? - how good are roketa dune buggies

I roket a MC-05-50th The day I July 3, 2008, took the elevator leading to the road and outside of 2 miles. I waited 20 seconds and fired again. I went into his house.

I released the next day was 2.5 miles and then turns off. I waited 20 seconds and fired again. I went into his house.

After a journey of several days without problems, I thought it was a long journey, 25 miles to work. In about 23 miles away. I waited 20 seconds and the height. I finished the ride to work. Ruturn On the return trip was about 20 miles and turn. I waited 20 seconds and the height. I went into his house.

The next day I went into the shop, which is 3 miles and back. Arrive in the way of the closed unitout. I waited 20 seconds and would not start. I mercilessly out for several hours, and instant flow of fuel into carb, ignition wire from the CDI, coil and spark plugs and replaced them all. But turning anything, only the crank, and when the accelerator is Trun spin faster, but will not start. I have everything together, and we tried for several days until one day he began to rotate faster and faster. Then it began. I went a month without problems, re-arrested and will not start. I shot the stator and Magnit are good. I checked the connections and they are good. The fuel flow and air consumption is good. One thing on the back of my mind is drowning car. I do not know how to test, and the voltage regulator. I this that they became part of the ILC, but if I have to consider. Who else other ideas?

Thank you in advance.


timefora... said...

It sounds like a second electrical problem, so you can start and drive for 2.5 miles, you will most likely not a problem Carby.

woodstoc... said...

Maybe your float is a sticking or clogging AR.

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