Friday, December 4, 2009

Serial De Instalação Do Elektrik Piano Why There Are So Many Serial Killers In The History Of The US?

Why there are so many serial killers in the history of the US? - serial de instalação do elektrik piano

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a place of violence, by the way, but this type of crime is virtually non-existent here


Zack said...

Since you do not have a lot of pent-up pervtered sexually frustrated white men like us.


Delta Charlie said...

I think as a society and the expectations that go with it creates sociopaths. It can not and will not want to agree or "fit in", which is the society.

BREE said...

Yes, I'm from England, and his right serial killers are always on the United States more than anywhere else ... is frightening to think about menatlity some of these people.

LanceMil... said...

likely to make, simply because ... And the media reprting assets such crimes

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