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Johnson And Johnson Nursing Scholarships Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Question For Docs And Nurses Out There.?

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome question for Docs and nurses out there.? - johnson and johnson nursing scholarships

I was a case of Stevens-Johnson, back in the diagnosis of mid-December. I am a nurse so I understand what it is, and my doctor and I think this is through the use of ibuprofen, I have in the past year because of osteoarthritis pain. My only other drugs Premarin and Protonix. I was lucky compared to many dx patient at the end with this. I was in hospital for a week, have only a small number of areas of lesions. My problem is that I live in rural Wyoming, and my doctor and all other documents in the DOM city has never had a case of this syndrome before. I wonder whether this might ASA because it is a salicylate, or too close relationship with NSAIDs? My doctor does not know, and I'm too afraid to try without further information. You do not want to go through again, it was very painful! Thanks for any input you may have.


grimmyTe... said...

Take ibuprofen for a year before this happens? This is a little unusual. Stevens-Johnson reactions generally occur within days to weeks after exposure. I am a little skeptical as to whether the offender is ibuprofen. Yes, combined with ibuprofen SJS) (more in children than in adults, but remember that SJS can also be triggered by viral infections is - and about one third of cases, no cause is ever found. If you try this? Not if you are in a hospital. When ibuprofen goals, then re-exposure often leads to serious and potentially fatal reaction. I do not know what I do in this situation. Ibuprofen does not believe he did, but the risk is associated with this show huge.

What is your specific question about ibuprofen and aspirin ... It is a difficult question. Ibuprofen and aspirin are not very similar in terms of their chemical structure, but it can be difficult to recognize the part of a molecule of T-cell receptors, which, if they know the causeFeedback. Could a game with ibuprofen and aspirin are similar to the proteins bound in the serum. I would say it is probably good, but on a pharmacist who may be able to offer some remarks on the basis of allergic cross-reactivity between ibuprofen and aspirin.

Accompanying notes on the classification of aspirin: It would be wrong to call an NSAID, when a man, the classification of drugs on non-overlapping groups often contain aspirin as a group in the other salicylates.

POSTSCRIPT: It is possible that something that causes SJS after a long period of time if something has happened recently, when a viral illness. The drug is in first order, but for one reason or viral disease, which causes an immune response against the drug.

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